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Self Portrait Workshop

ZF Makeup Artistry provides private one on one lessons. Access to personal advice and guidance from a makeup expert is invaluable when it comes to improving your makeup skills. This specific service is recommended for people who are not makeup artists, it is for those who are tired of spending hours in front of the mirror trying to perfect your makeup look, and who struggle to find the right product for them.

Receiving a personal lesson from Zieneb Farha includes the educator herself thoroughly teaching you how to match, apply and correct with makeup to your skin type and face shape teaching you tips and tricks to enhance your everyday skills and Build confidence  in doing your makeup day to day also making it fun!

You will also learn about your colour analysis and which products will work best specific to your facial features and the style you desire . Bringing your own products and brushes is optional. Zieneb will advise if they are suitable for you and how to optimise use. Alternatively, Zieneb will introduce you to new products that best cater to your needs. Private lessons are not only for beginners but also those who want to learn more challenging makeup tricks and styles.


Content: To begin with skin prep/skin care recommendations for you followed by a natural radiant soft day look; finishing off by transforming it into evening eyes and how to achieve a full flawless coverage.

Duration: 4 hours | Cost: $450

Ultimate Advanced Workshop

This workshop is recommended for both Aspiring and/or Pro artists. The workshop runs you through a step by step guide on how to achieve flawless bases, bridal underpainting techniques, and a sweat proof, cry proof, oil proof finish that lasts 24hrs and is durable in any weather condition.


The workshop will also focus on subtle base finishes, giving away tips and tricks throughout. Additionally, the workshop includes a breakdown of two different eye techniques, from a simple glamorous buildable eye look to the perfect evening smokey eye. 

Duration: 6 hours | Cost: $900

Personal Shopping experience

Shopping with a pro... this is the ultimate 1-on-1 shopping experience where you’ll be accompanied by an expert who will guide you through a suitable range of makeup & skincare products that cater to your personal needs.


The products will be tailored to your skin type, skin tone, desired look, and budget. ZF is experienced working with various budgets and will help you save money without compromising on quality, you'll be able to invest in quality products that last longer and work better for your skin. Yay! 

Location: Shopping center of your choice. Zieneb will send you a list of recommended locations to choose from. 

Duration: ~2 hours | Cost: $300


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