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Zieneb Farha Makeup Artist

A true artist with over a decade of experience and a wealth of knowledge in all things beauty, Zieneb Farha’s eye for art and stand out talent was recognised from the early stages of her career.


From a young age, Zieneb found makeup both fun and exciting and aspired to meet & exceed the industry standard as set by world renowned artists. Zieneb’s technique & skills continued to advance, and in a short period of time, her signature ZF look became more and more recognised & in demand.


Zieneb’s desire to share her knowledge & passion paved the way for her first educational workshop in late 2015, when she launched her first makeup masterclass. Zieneb embodies all of the characteristics of a great artist and teacher and is committed to ensuring her students feel both empowered and walk away with a world of new knowledge about their shared passion in makeup.


Zieneb continued to follow her heart and her love of not only her industry but also humanitarianism, later combing the two passions to create the event ‘Makeup for Change’. This event saw Zieneb and other influential artists, sponsors & attendees come together to make an impactful contribution to charity.


Zieneb understands all elements of makeup and uses it for its true purpose, to enhance and transform each individual face, with a focus on their unique features and showcasing what makes them beautiful.

"Makeup is truly an art. It has the ability to change, adjust & create and illision for any canvas."

~ Zieneb Farha

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