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Feel confident, timeless & elegant on one of the most important days of your life...
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Zieneb has been a bridal makeup artist for 10 years, working both internationally and nationally for bridal makeup. She started her journey at the young age of 17 years old, when she discovered her passion for creativity, leading her to have a strong interest and fascination in exploring how to create illusions through shadow and light. Zieneb specialises in both film and photography makeup, ensuring you don’t just look glamorous in person, but also in flash photography &
different types of lighting.
Zieneb is a qualified/certified professional makeup artist who is trained to work with and understand all skin conditions, tones and textures. Zieneb is known for her attention to detail in the bridal industry when it comes to longevity and makeup wear through out the day. Zieneb creates a flawless sweatproof application guaranteed to last in all weather conditions. Zieneb really takes the time to get to know her brides understand the culture and expectations when it comes to the makeup application. Her knowledge about skin care and skin prep is also shared with you to ensure your skin is the perfect canvas for your wedding day application.
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Zieneb is the epitome of make-up artistry. Her creative skills knowledge and personality make it an easy choice to go to for many occasions and had to be part of my special day. Of course showed up bright and early calm energised and worked her magic along with 5 other bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. Her work is impeccable and can’t imagine going to anyone else. Her tips and tricks are like a mini masterclass during a glam session, leaving you with confidence with what works for you. So thankful to have found Zieneb, The Queen of Beauty ♥️

Yola Flores 17/11/17



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